I am back!

After a few years of hiatus while I was trying to figure out how to be a better blogger and dealing with some personal issues, I’ve come back here with renewed vigor and effort. My goal is still the same, to encourage Catholic to be excited about their Faith, to engage Non-Catholics on what we do agree upon, as well as what we do not agree upon, but with respect, and lastly, to love anyone who comes in here..
I am so surprised in learning that while I was not active, you were! I was heartened to see just how many countries and cultures have dropped by and that a few of you even dropped a line in from time to time. I am so sorry that I have not responded to those who did, for the reason mentioned above. Please forgive me. I will strive better to respond to those of you who took the time out for me.
Can’t wait to get the conversation started again! God bless you all during this difficult time of Coronavirus and I look forward to seeing you here soon!
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!